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DIY Raw Feeding

Raw feeding YOUR way. We offer a range of products suitable for owners wanting to prepare meals themselves. 

Click here if you are new to raw feeding.

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What is DIY raw feeding?

DIY is another option of raw feeding if you want to prepare your dog’s food and choose exactly what they are fed.

If you are preparing your dog’s meals you need to ensure they are getting enough variety and proteins in the correct ratios; generally 80:10:10 (80% meat, 10% bone, 10% offal).


Reasons to DIY

  • Improve variety.

  • Eliminating allergens.

  • It's fun!


You need to ensure your dog is getting enough variety in proteins, usually we suggest 5 different proteins a week. This will make up 80% of the diet. We suggest feeding the chunks/ minces below:


Offal should be fed as 10% of the diet. This should be 5% liver and 5% secreting organ such as kidney or spleen.  Below are some offal options:



Raw meaty bones are a great way of ensuring your dog is getting all the nutrients they need, such as calcium. The bone content in various bones various as they are made up of meat and bone content. Shop bones below:


Bone percentages.png

raw meaty bone selection

Silver Fish


Fish contains lots of essential nutrients such as omega-3 oils. We recommend feeding fish at least once a week. Shop fish below.



Tripe is a great source of many nutrients and should be fed at least once a week to help ensure a good balance.

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Extras such as heart chunks can also be fed to help ensure variety for your dog. Browse below for some of these extras.

Raw Feeding Supplements


Visit our Easy Raw Feeding Guide for weight guidelines.

An example of a meal for a 15kg dog:

An adult dog of 16kg will need approximately 400g. Ideally, this will be two meals of 200g. A 200g meal may contain (160g meat, 20g bone, 20g offal):

- 100g Premium Raw Boneless Venison (

- 25g Chicken Hearts (

- 20g Tripe Mince (

- 1x 35g Chicken Foot (at 60% bone percentage = 20g bone, 15g meat), (

- 20g The Dog’s Butcher Offal Mix (

-1x Quail Egg (

-1x Scoop Raw Aid (

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