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Our de-shed & deep clean shampoo is perfect for dirty dogs who need a deep clean & de shed!

You will receive a 250ml bottle of our Deep Clean Herbal Dog Co Natural Shampoo which has been designed to keep your dogs fur clean & grease free. This shampoo will give a deep clean, remove grease build up while infusing the fur with hydrating ingredients to ensure the coat & skin is not striped of its natural oils. With intoxicating natural lemon fragrances that give the deep healthy shine to all coats especially the greasy ones.


Ingredients: Aqua, Aqueous Extracts of Chamomile, Sage, Soapwort, Plant Based Fragrance.

For dirty dogs that need a deep clean & degreasing. For all coat & skin types & ages.

Herbal Dog Co Deshedding Shampoo 250ml