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Eggshells are a pure natural supplement to optimise the daily diet of your pet. Their complex mineral content can influence numerous metabolic processes in the body, especially bones, teeth and functioning cell division. The exceptionally high calcium content can have a positive effect on bone metabolism and bone density - cell growth in the bones can be strengthened.

Calcium deficiency can have a long-term negative effect on the bone and dental health of dogs and cats. In particular, puppies, growing animals, and pregnant females need a diet higher in calcium. Here, an eggshell supplement can optimize the nutrient content.

Eggshell Powder is particularly suitable for the regular supply of natural calcium to your pet. Especially for animals that are not free-range or do not tolerate eating bones, it is ideal to compensate for the high phosphorus content of the meat.

Eggshell Powder is a high-quality product without any synthetic substances and manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Due to the fine grinding it has a high bioavailability to provide your four-legged friend with valuable nutrients. The tasteless and odourless feed material is highly accepted by dogs and cats.


Eggshell powder (37.1% calcium)

Analytical Components:

Crude ash 96.0%

Feeding Recommendation:

The powder can simply be mixed with the food.

Dogs per 10 kg: 1.5 g daily

Cats per 4 kg: 0.3 g daily

(1 measuring spoon equals 1g for the 100g can and 3g for the 250g can)

If you also feed your dog bones, it is recommended to reduce the amount of AniForte® Eggshell Powder.

Note: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Aniforte eggshell powder 100g


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