Please make sure your dog is used to all the proteins in this mince as we would rather avoid upset tummies on Christmas Day.

A mix of locally farmed  Devonshire Turkey, Pheasants from our local shoot and locally stalked deer. All Minced and mixed together to make a christmas meal fit for your best friend. This is a blend combining approx 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal.

44% turkey

32% pheasant with offal

20% venison

4% venison offal

Typical Analysis:

Moisture: 71.66%

Protein: 22.2%

Fat: 4.33%

Ash: 1.13%

Fibre: 0.2%

Please note: This product is intended for working dogs.

The Dogs Butcher - Venison, beef & turkey 80.10.10 1kg