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Portable solutions for dogs on the go.

First of its kind, Flea & Tick prevention.

We are hearing of dogs being afraid of spot ons, and so our aim is to move away from the medical model of regular monthly flea & tick treatments, and the fear that can come with application.

Use daily before a walk, alongside any of our other products as part of the integrative system.

RollerDog fits in your pocket, and is perfect for travel and days out, adding an invaluable extra layer of protection for the dog. Especially handy for dogs living in high tick areas, or dogs who are less robust.#

Easy to apply to targeted areas.


A natural blend of Rose Geranium, Peppermint, Neem & lemongrass in an almond carrier oil.

Mr slobberchops RollerDog - Don't Bug Me Now - For Fleas & Ticks