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JR's Goat Ears with Hair are simply air-dried with no additives, no preservatives nothing! High in Protein and low in fat they make a great alternative to Cow ears for dogs with sensitivities. suitable for all dogs, but particularly those with sensitivity issues. A fully digestible, and the hair aids in the natural worming process.

Key advantages of our Goat Ears with Hair include:

A natural source of chondroitin - great for maintaining joint health

100% natural

No additives or preservatives

Natural Dental Chew

Easy To Digest

Grain and Gluten free

Low Fat

High Protein


Suitable for puppies 12 weeks and over

Aids in the natural worming process

*Due to our products being natural piece sizes may vary*

JR believes that keeping it simple is the best thing for your dog. That’s why our Goat Ears with Hair contains only one ingredient… Goat Ears!

As with all chews for dogs we recommend to supervise your dog while feeding and to ensure that fresh clean drinking water is always available.

JR Pet Products


Pack100g, 3 x 100g, 6 x 100g

Composition100% Goat Ears.

Analytical ConstituentsCrude protein 70.56%, crude fat 14.82%, moisture 7.62%, ash 7%.

JR Goat ears with Hair

SKU: 0634158951152