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Are you looking for a lead that is not only has a padded handle for a more enjoyable walk, has an anti-tangle mechanism to avoid your dog tangling the lead during walks, has been pressure tested to withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure and a bespoke clip that is so easy to lock and release onto any collar or harness?

You are in the right place. This is undoubtably the most popular BullyBillows lead we currently offer.

Trademark & Copyrighted Design Rights Number: 6189800

The length of this lead is 1.4 metres from top to bottom and the width is 3cm/1.2", ensuring your dog is close enough at all times during a walk but long enough to allow your dog a bit of space whilst walking.

We have also lined the inside of the lead and the handle with Neoprene, which is the same material used on wet suits which is soft, quick drying and odourless.

Bully Billows Swivel Combat Dog Lead - Magentas

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