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What's a Traffic Lead?

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The BullyBillows Traffic Lead is a short padded lead designed for tethering dogs in the car or for close control in risky situations. This lead makes it even more perfect with our bespoke clip that is user-friendly to release and lock onto any harness or collar.

The Traffic Lead is a short lead that allows you to safely tether your dog while in the car. Simply slip the safety belt through the traffic leash handle (and fasten the safety belt). Then clip the lead to your dog's car harness, and your dog is securely attached to the seat. You are also complying with the legal requirement of dogs needing to be secure when in a vehicle.

The Traffic Lead is also used more frequently to keep your dog under close control. The lead comprises a strong handle, a stronger clip, and no leeway in the middle. This lets you keep those heavy pullers under control, and also keep a tight rein on boisterous dogs, especially when walking in confined and risky environments.

This Traffic Lead has a padded handle, lined with Neoprene to keep you comfortable and protect your hands.

Lead Length: 30cm/11.8"

Lead Width: 3cm/1.2"

Bully Billows Combat Traffic Lead - Black