For optimum health we recommend feeding a variety.


Paleo Ridge have developed a puppy weaning paste suitable for puppies older than 3 weeks.

This product is extremely finely minced to ensure a fine consistency for newly weaned pups.

We recommend using this product for the first week or two of weaning.

**Note - This is not a replacement for Mum's milk.


This product comes packed in compostable packaging.


Ingredients: 70% Beef tripe, 20% Organic chicken with bone, 5% Beef liver, 5% Beef kidney/spleen.This product is a complete feed containing 80% meat, 10% bone, 10% offal


Protein: 14.9%

Fat: 9.8%

Moisture: 72.5%

Fibre: 1.5%

Ash: 1.3%


This is a raw product and not for human consumption.


Please note: This product is intended for working dogs.

Paleo ridge Puppy Weaning Paste 500g