Maintains flexibility of movement in all working and pet dogs.
Supports the natural regeneration of cartilage and synovial fluid.
Helps maintain the natural anti-inflammatory actions of dogs’ metabolism.
Contains high levels of Omega 3 to support optimum health and performance.
Contains 12 active nutraceuticals, including: chondroitin, collagen matrix, curcumin, glucosamine, glutamine, hemp oil derived omega 3 fatty acids, MSM, vitamin C and a blend of galactolipid emulsifiers, tocotrienol antioxidants, beta glucans and phospholipids.
Contains the Oatinol Delivery System to maintain a healthy digestive tract and a high rate of absorption of essential nutricines, vitamins and trace elements.
Is wheat gluten free.
Is a 100% Non GM, soya free formulation.
Is manufactured as very palatable and easily digested 2mm pellets; perfect for mixing with dogs' normal feed.
Is quick and easy to feed.

Joint aid

  • Recommended Daily Levels (1 measure=10gms.  Measure included in pack) 

    Dogs up to 15kg: General Maintenance- 1/4 measure a day. Full Support 1/2 measure a day.

    15kgs-30kgs: General Maintenance - 1/2 measure a day. Full support 1 measure a day.

    over 30kgs: General Maintenance - 1 measure a day. Full support 2 measures a day.

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