Our tripe mixes are made from a coarse mince (8mm if you really want to know!) of locally sourced prime beef and green lamb tripe.  The beef meat consists of beef trim and a small amount of beef heart and this is mixed with green lamb tripe.  The coarse mince texture gives your dog a chance to exercise their jaw muscles from chewing leaving them more mentally and physically satisfied. Win win.


This mix contains no bone or offal and is not a complete meal. It can be fed on its own as part of a varied diet or alongside bone and offal to make up a complete meal.  If adding your own bone and offal aim for 80% tripe mix 10% bone and 10% offal. That way your dog gets a meal that has the correct 80/10/10 ratio which is considered a complete balanced raw diet.  



Please note: This product is intended for working dogs.

Easy Raw Dog - Beef and Lamb Tripe (boneless, no offal)