Analytical Constituents

• 17.8% Protein

• 0.1% Fibre

• 28.5% Dry Matter

• 3.9% Ash

• 6.56% Fat

Working dog food

Complimentary Raw Dog Food

Composition: British chicken, with bone (approx 10%) (100%).

No fillers. No additives. All natural.

Feeding Guide

Adult dogs to be fed 1.5 - 3% of their ideal body weight. Puppies will fluctuate with age. Calculator available on our website. This is a guide and adjustments should be made if the dog’s weight changes dramatically. Defrost in the fridge and serve. Keep refrigerated and use by the third day. Wash hands after handling and clean spills with warm soapy water. Do not defrost in the microwave or with hot water. Although we use human grade food, this is not for human consumption.

Betsy's Offal Free Chicken 1kg