Keeping things pure and simply by letting mother nature do all the work, the ANCO Naturals Giant Lamb Stick is the perfect longer lasting healthy snack, great for dogs that love to chew. Made with only the finest quality, EU sourced 100% natural lamb skin, each deliciously protein-rich stick is gently air dried to preserve as many nutrients as possible, providing an impeccable flavour and bursting with beneficial nutrients for a highly satisfying meaty chew dogs will love.

A delicious, healthy and 100% natural hide chew perfect for keeping your dog occupied between meals, the ANCO Naturals Giant Lamb Stick is the ideal healthy and natural addition to your dog’s complete and balanced diet, great for feeding alongside a balanced kibble, wet, home-prepared or raw diet. Containing simply premium quality EU sourced lamb hide, gently air dried to provide an intense meaty flavour, each stick is packed full of nutrients, delivering a rich natural source of vitamins and minerals to support good health, with quality products guaranteed. Using hand selected natural ingredients of the finest quality, you can be sure of a delicious taste and an array of key nutrients, ensuring a healthy, tasty and nutritious snack they’ll love. Moreover, all ingredients and products from the Naturals range are sourced and packaged in Europe so you can rest assured you’re receiving guaranteed quality with every ANCO purchase.

A great tasting, natural chew for dogs the ANCO Naturals Giant Lamb Stick is perfect for larger breed dogs, or dogs that just can’t get enough chewing activity into their day! Providing irresistible flavour and natural goodness from 100% real lamb, it’s a great way of boosting your dog’s health, and has a tempting chewy texture that helps to promote good dental health and hygiene, removing plaque and tartar through the natural chewing process.  A giant stick packed with flavour and wholesome goodness, this easily digestible, larger-than-life chew is sure to satisfy, keeping your dog occupied and stimulated, and is completely free from grains, gluten and anything artificial, ensuring only the best for your four legged family member.

  • A delicious, premium quality 100% natural chew treat for dogs
  • Great for boosting your dog’s daily nutrition and keeping them occupied between meals
  • Gently air dried to lock in all the natural nutrients, vitamins and flavour
  • Natural, wholesome and tasty offering a delicious high protein, easily digestible snack
  • Made with the finest quality ingredients, hand sourced for quality products guaranteed
  • Contains only 100% pure , hand-selected, EU sourced lamb skin, with no meat meals or animal derivatives
  • A great exotic protein source, ideal for dogs allergic or sensitive to traditional animal proteins such as chicken, beef, pork and turkey
  • Can be fed alongside a home-prepared or raw food diet
  • Tempting chewy texture helps to remove plaque and tartar through chewing, promoting dental health and hygiene with every chew
  • No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, fragrances, additives, sugars or salts
  • ZERO grains and gluten, ideal for dogs with sensitivities or intolerances
  • Perfect for dogs of all sizes, great for boosting daily nutrition
  • High in protein supporting strong, lean muscles
  • Containing nothing more than 100% natural lamb skin
  • Giant stick, approximately 40cm + long

Important: As this is a natural chew, the colours, shapes and sizes received may vary from one piece to another, or from the image shown.


Composition: 100% lamb skin. 

Nutritional Analysis: Protein 53.92%, Fat 39.2%, Ash 1.98%.

Anco Lamb Stick